Ministry Board Members

Tom & Joyce 

Senior Pastor

Karvin & Linda 


Karvin is our church treasurer and currently serves on the praise team.

Avery & Caroline


Avery & Caroline currently serve oversee the Young Adults ministry and teach the Wednesday and Friday High School youth group. They also coordinate evangelical opportunities in the community for youth and young adults to engage in.

Justin & Jaclyn


I was an atheist that mocked God and was very afraid and being alone. My life revolved my friends, hobbies and career. Eventually, I felt used by my friends, my hobbies became boring and my career began to take up too much time. I first heard the Gospel a few times during college but mocked the people that shared it and I mocked God. I heard the Gospel again at CBF in 2013. I started to think about God more seriously. I was in a broken marriage headed for divorce and I knew that only God could fix it. God revealed to me that because of my continued love for sin he would reject me (Matthew 7:22-23). I felt totally alone. I was already alone and away from my wife, I didn't want to be alone and away from God. I knew that I was headed for hell and that my sin had separated me from God. I understood that God had to come down from heaven in the person of Jesus to die on the cross and fully pay the penalty for my sins. Now, Christ lives in me and the Holy Spirit helps me daily to live honorably for Him. Jesus has cleaned up my life and freed me from the sins that put Him on the cross. Through His grace he has repaired my marriage. I know that God is control of all things and uses every situation to help transform me to be more like Christ. I make it a point to use whatever free time that God blesses me with to use it to glorify him--whether it be date nights with my wife, family dinner with our kids and fellowship with my brothers and sisters in Christ. My wife Jaclyn is the greatest gift from God (of course after the gift of salvation). She has an amazing relationship and walk with Jesus. We have a 10 year old son, Jeremy and a 24 year old daughter, Jaceth. 

Justin and Jaclyn serve in middle school youth ministries. Justin also helps to maintain and update different aspects of the media ministries.



I grew up in a Christian family, regularly going to church and proud that I was being a "good" person, and always being judgmental of others even though my life outside of church was mostly characterized by my own selfish attitudes.  It wasn’t until one year at a high school summer camp that I finally understood that there is a big difference between believing Jesus is God and following Him as Lord and Savior.  I decided to turn away from sin and commit my life to following the Lord Jesus, who loved me enough to die on a cross for me.  Since then He has changed my life and given me the ability to live for Him instead of my own selfish desires, knowing that only He is good, and that He alone is the righteous judge.  Now I have the confidence of knowing that I will live forever with Him!  It gives me so much joy to be able to serve the Lord in a God-honoring church, where He is working to bring others to faith in Him.  The Lord has even allowed me the privilege of enjoying life here on Guam, where I am able to go snorkeling and hiking at any time of year, and tell others about what Jesus Christ has done for me!

Ed has been faithfully involved with the Children's Ministries teaching grades 3rd-5th. He also currently serves in the audio ministries of CBF.

Buzz & Jennifer